Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mary Wagner: A True Heroine Witness for Life

(Note to the reader: I have sent this letter to Mary Wagner who was recently arrested for entering two Toronto abortuaries. She is currently in jail at the Vanier Centre for Women.)

Dear Mary Wagner,

It's sad that I feel the need to write this letter. I have never met you, but in Christ you're my sister, and so I must share these words of mine in my humble effort to say that I admire your courage to leave the safety of a convent in France and come to Toronto to defend and be a witness to life. May God bless you for taking a stand for your faith.

Canada, in just over forty years, has gone from charging abortionists with a criminal offense to presently, as in your case and that of Linda Gibbons, putting you in jail for standing and fighting for the pre-born's right to life. Canada has made this kind of killing legal, and we, the citizens and tax payers, are forced to pay for these killings. Without the right to life, there are no other rights. May God bless you for giving a voice to those have no voice.

I recall in the mid 1980's when Mother Teresa came to Canada. It was on Parliament Hill that she warned Canadians with these words: "Christ says, if you receive a little child in my name you receive me. That is why abortion is such a terrible evil, because in refusing the little child we are refusing Christ Himself. If you do not want that child, I want it. Give it to me. Protect the little unborn child for the glory of God and the good of the country." About twenty-five years have gone by and we have not heeded the advice of a soon-to-be-made saint. She gave the world a perfect example of how to love our neighbour and put Christ first in everything that she did. Mother Teresa also told those gathered in the rain that the people making abortion possible should all be charged with crimes and sent to jail. However, Mary you find yourself behind bars because you're trying to save the lives of the pre-born and counsel the would-be mothers and fathers. Look at the horrors we have come to tolerate with our immoral laws and our evil behaviours!

Even St. Paul tells us that there are unjust laws that should not be obeyed and I, like you, believe that legalized abortion is one of them. It matters not that most of the countries of the world, including the UN, have embraced this culture that no longer respects the sanctity and dignity of life, but one which promotes through laws and its propaganda the flourishing of a culture of death. This can be seen from state-sanctioned abortion to the current push to legalize euthanasia and assisted-suicide.

Tha fact that in Canada someone like you is in jail is evidence that our nation has laws which are immoral and unjust. I'm writing to let you know that the hearts and prayers of those of us who stand for life are with you. You are a true heroine of life for our times as you show us how to soldier on struggling to put our faith into action. Your witness to life is a testimony for us lest we forget those innocent lives being slaughtered in the killing tables of our abortuaries.

Mary, an article in lifeSite News says that you were called away from the convent in France so that you could bring Jesus to those dealing with abortion. And when you went to the "Woman's Care" abortuary to counsel fathers and mothers already intent on having an abortion, officers forced you to leave the premises. But you say that in that place of death you felt that "the darkness was palpable." It was at the "Choice in Health" abortuary that police took you away. Your virtuous actions bring to mind what Pope Benedict recently said in his Wednesday audience talk: "We live amid great confusion about the fundamental choices of our life and the questions about what the world is, from where it comes, where we are going, what we must do to carry out the good, how we must live, what are the really pertinent values. In relation to all this there are so many contrasting philosophies, which arise and disappear, creating confusion about the fundamental decisions, how to live, why we do not know more, ordinarily, from what thing and for what thing we were made and where we are going."

Your actions at the abourtuaries in Toronto make it clear to all of us who call ourselves Christians what should be doing: building a culture of life in Canada. That is what St. James in 2:17 says: "In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead." Thank you Mary for being a witness to life., Thank you Linda Gibbons for saying yes to life and no to abortion. Thank you for cutting through the lies and telling the truth about life.

I understand that Fr. O'Hara from Wisconsin gave you a blessing before the officers took you away to the detention centre. Rest assured that once again you have my total support and my prayers are with you. As well you have as you must know the full backing of the Church. From the early times She has taught us that abortion is an evil and contrary to moral law. For the authorities to tell you, or any other citizen, that your release must rest on your promise not go near an abortuary is the same as denying an individual the inalienable right to life. Let's hope and pray that soon our country and its leaders will come to their senses and no longer force us to accept immoral and evil laws.

May God keep you strong and give you His grace in order that you can continue in your valiant efforts to build a culture that is welcoming to life from conception to natural death. We hope this happens for your good and the good of our nation.

Yours sincerely,
Lou Iacobelli
St. Bernard Parish


  1. Any news on Mary and her next trial date?

  2. Thank you for your interest about Mary and your question as to her next trial date. I don't know anything new with regard to her situation. However, I do intend to follow her story and post her developments.
    In the meantime, I humbly continue to pray for her and that things turn out to serve the truth and God.