Thursday, October 13, 2011

Parents be "Equity" ready: know the BIG lie you're up against

The social engineering propaganda of the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy has already made its way into the curriculum of your local school for 2011-12. If parents want to defend their children against this moral danger and exercise their parental rights in education, they must get informed. You can no longer trust either the school or our new Liberal government to do what's right and good for students. The government has not been transparent on this question. The provincial election itself was proof of this because the Equity issue was never really discussed.

Let me give you a heads-up on a text few parents will know about. A new teacher guide, that was published way before people went to the polls to elect a new provincial government in Ontario, is proof that parents will not be informed about the manner and the contents of the Equity policy implementation process. If parents want to be heard, they must be pro-active. This teacher resource published by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation, OSSTF, is called, Creating Spaces: Embedding Equity in Education. This document is proof that the Liberals assumed they would return to power. It shows just how arrogant and presumptuous government and schools board officials can be.

Here's how the federation's marketing team sells this resource to other teachers:

The guide tells teachers the Equity policy, "has been developed to promote the values of inclusion and cultural proficiency in today’s classroom settings. Created by and written for OSSTF members, this evidence-based resource has grown out of the firm conviction that every educational worker and every student has something worthwhile to contribute and equally significant to share – something that will make our secondary school system a better place for all our students. Creating Spaces: Embedding Equity in Education explores the roots of injustice and discrimination in our society, challenges our belief systems, and offers fresh insights into building learning environments that are more equitable, more tolerant and more caring."

As you read this next paragraph, I'm not sure "who understands that", because I can only agree with the first sentence, but nevertheless, here's what classroom teachers are told,

"We understand that, as classroom teachers and educational workers, we have an awesome responsibility to fulfill. We recognize that the time has come for us to overtly challenge intolerance in our classrooms, to address inequity in our school systems, and to overcome cultural barriers that have, for too many years, kept our marginalized students from reaching their full potential. It is time to embed equity in education. Creating Spaces: Embedding Equity in Education is designed to provide educators with practical strategies to do just that. The progressive instructional materials, innovative ideas and experiential learning activities included in this user-friendly resource are sure to facilitate our becoming a more inclusive society – one that regards diversity as its greatest asset."

The resource text is divided into seven sections:

• sexual orientation and homo-negativity;
• socio-economic status and academic achievement;
• sexual harassment, gender identity and gender violence;
• physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities;
• aboriginal communities and respect for indigenous ways of knowing;
• visible minorities and racism;
• minority stereotyping.

Teachers are reassured they need not worry about being overwhelmed with the curriculum changes because this new Equity policy resource guide makes it easy to infuse the topic into most subjects like, 
Family Studies, Civics, English, Physical Education, Native Studies, History, and Social Sciences. This guide can potentially reach, if one includes the French membership of OSSTF, over 60,000 public school teachers. The fact that it costs $40 is its best feature in that a good number of teachers will not get a copy because they have to spend their own money.

Parents need to know about these kinds of resources since they are being used to completely reshape children's moral and sex education. To fight back, parents must learn what they are up against. It's really a support document to the Equity policy: it's ideologically/politically driven. Parents should see it as an experiment to socially engineer our entire school system using students as guinea pigs. The guide claims that it's an "evidence-based resource", but by their own admission how can it also be coming from a "firm conviction"? What's the truth here? Sounds like a lie to me. One lie to support another lie does not make it true.

The authors of the document have decided, with the permission of the "Equity" policy, "that the time has come for us to overtly challenge intolerance in our classrooms, to address inequity in our school systems." So, one ideology is used to spin another one in trying to make parents believe that today's schools are in need of "Embedding Equity in Education." What schools really need is to become Equity free zones. Parents must realize the fact that they're on their own: the government, board leaders and most trustees have all worked to undermine parental rights and shut them out from any real involvement.

Parents need to tell teachers and resource guide writers of text's such as Creating Spaces that they want the truth. They are tired of the language of deception. The guide hides its real agenda with "Equity" phrases like "sexual orientation and homo-negativity", "sexual harassment" and "gender identity and gender violence minority stereotyping." These are all code words for promoting the normalization and the societal acceptance of the ten or more socially constructed sexual orientations. This is not education, but the politics of education; it has nothing to do with "evidence-based" learning. The emperor's new equity clothes are morally dangerous to children, even a child knows that truth. Parents arm yourselves with the truth and begin to assert your parental rights by rejecting these lies. Do it for the moral and physical well-being of your sons and daughters.

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