Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bill 13 is now Ontario law, we need to fight back

The passage of Bill 13 and Bill 33 in Ontario urges me to again write about their consequences. Together, both morally and legally, we must do what we can to defend religious freedom and parental rights. For the sake of the children in our schools,  we ask you to please support the Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund (PRIEDF). As you know, in Ontario the ruling provincial government has imposed an over-sexualized curriculum called the "Equity and Inclusive Strategy." They have now backed it with Bill 13. The anti-bullying rhetoric sounds appealing, but it rejects the natural and Christian moral view about life, family and sexuality. It amounts to a legal attack on religious freedom and parental rights.

Come September 2012, our entire school system will be forced to accept policies to promote LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning) lifestyle, establish gay/straight alliances in Catholic and public schools and redefine traditional marriage and the family. Parents were told the policy is to prevent bullying and discrimination. However, local communities and parents have sadly learned by now that the true agenda of the government was to politically normalize and promote homosexuality. This is misguided social engineering and indoctrination. As a result, parents are organizing to legally push back, but as you know it's difficult for the average citizen to be heard in the public square and to go to the courts. On the other hand, the government and boards of education have millions of dollars to publicize their ideology and  the power to pass policies that make it all lawful.

In our efforts to fight back, last year we established a new association called, The Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund (PRIEDF). This legal strategy is going to be a learning experience for us in Ontario. The association is registered and has five directors. Lawyers are prepared to file at least two lawsuits where they feel they have good cases in which parental rights were violated. As you can understand, the potential plaintiffs will face much emotional stress, and so we can at least assure them that there's some financial backing for them from our fund. If we can get support from concerned Ontario families, the court case will bring attention to this important issue. This could help put parental rights and sexual morality in school curriculum back on the provincial agenda. But only if we act quickly and with financial resources. One court case alone could easily costs fifty to one hundred thousand dollars and more.

A legal proceeding could also compel Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government to think twice about the harm they have legislated for our schools with Bill 13. Let us turn the violation of parental rights into the central issue of irresponsible governance in this province. We need to take action. It is also an opportunity for all Canadians to know and to insist that governments must make it a priority both during and after elections to protect our freedom of religion, marriage, children and family. The time has come to act on our beliefs. Here's some detailed information about the association.

Who We Are?

We are The Parental Rights In Education Fund.

What are our goals?

The objects of the Association is:

A) To provide financial assistance, on a discretionary basis, to individuals and other organizations who are parties in legal proceedings in which the rights of parents and/or their children in education, including, but not limited to, the right to the freedom of religion are at issue. Such financial assistance shall be limited to defraying the legal expenses they incur as participants in a legal case;

B) To raise donations from the public and manage the resulting funds for the purpose described above.

Who can get financial/legal help?

The association's purpose is to help parents, students and teachers whose rights have been violated. This of course will de done based on the Fund's financial possibilities and a legal review of the applicant.

What are the main issues?

A) Violation of Parental rights
B) Religious Freedom
C) Sanctity of Life
D) Marriage and Family

What can you do to make a difference?

A) Get the word out
B) Get informed
C) Start a campaign to help us
D) Pray
E) Donate/Join Us
F) Any other suggestions/ideas?

Make a Financial Contribution

To make a donation to the PRIEDF click on the word to donate and enter the necessary information, http://defendingparents.com/ or you may wish to send us a cheque payable to:
The Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund
3089 Dufferin Street,
P.O. Box 58119,
Toronto, ON, M6A 3C8
Phone 647.258.4845 / Toll Free: 877.811.2713

We hope you do consider making a donation to the fund, PRIEDF. Together we can tell the government that parents have the right to direct the moral education of their children. Parents want to have a say in what's taught in schools when it comes to human sexuality and the family. We kindly thank those who have already made a contribution. Please let your friends know about this initiative. Thank you.


  1. Bill 13 is not about bullying and we all know that. There is a diabolical disorientation today that has affected most of the world especially western civilization. Even Sister Lucia of Fatima used the term diabolical disorientation to describe what would happen in the future.

    In today's world good is seen as evil and evil is seen as good. These are what we know are the signs of the times.

    Get right with God for very soon in the near future God will send our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ who will come as a just judge. The day and the hour not even Jesus or the Angels in Heaven even know. Only God the Father knows the day and the hour of the coming of the Son of Man.

    I would encourage all people of good faith to pray and to make a donation to The Parental Rights in Education Fund to as St. Paul says in scripture, to fight the good fight.

    Let us all pray and hope that Almighty God helps the faithful to take back the public square. Freedom of religious expression and parental rights are all God given rights. God bless everyone reading Everyday For Life Canada.

  2. "...school system will be forced to accept policies to promote LGBTQ(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning) lifestyle"

    Could you please show me what part of the bill requires schools to promote homosexuality. It doesn't exist.

    You may be uncomfortable with the fact that homosexuality exists. That is your right. You may believe that homosexuality is a choice when all evidence suggests that it is not. Again, that is your right. You may voice your opinions about this, and that is also your right. But when you try to impose your beliefs on others, don't be surprised when people don't simply agree with you and cave in. That is their right.

    I keep hearing things like homosexuality being unnatural and against god's will. If that is the case, why did he make some people homosexual? Why is homosexuality observed in almost all mammal and bird species that have been examined? And if you are going to use the bible as a defence on your opposition to homosexuality, why are you not also opposing the equality of women, or supporting slavery? The church's current views on these differ from what is written in the bible.

  3. Dear Frank and Mr. Iacobelli,
    I apologize for 'anonymous' on July 6 -- I completely agree with him, but I'm sorry that he wasn't free to identify himself. I hope that this bill and others like it will help others like 'anonymous' be free to identify themselves in the future.

    May I suggest to you that the rights you want you already have--within the confines of your church. That is the meaning of sacred. You believe this book and these tenets, and you have the legal right to believe that -- or anything. Our governments are based on other ethical grounds and may not be completely the same. Legally, we all must keep governmental laws; we each have the right to choose more stringent laws within another body--such as choosing the sacred law of a church.

    Keep your sacred laws sacred by choosing to NOT demand that your governments keep the same laws.

  4. In any religion parents r allow to chose hell fire for their kids . We want to gv best things for our kids. So how come we will like bill 13 that will effect whole coming generations. Evil things seem more attractive and this is evil.if thy produce lesbian and gays so how will generation run .no religion no custom no ethics. Then what will be next generation. Worst than animal. Ohhhh god help us to find a way to stop this for mankind.