Monday, July 2, 2012

TSU: if you're not going to teach the Catechism, stop calling yourself Catholic

The Toronto Secondary Unit, TSU, the group that represents Catholic hign school teachers in the Toronto area and is part of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association, on June 5, 2012 gave Kevin Welbes Godin the "Teacher of the Year" award. The award is given every year by the TSU to recognize the "outstanding contribution and dedication of one of its members in education." The award was presented to Kevin at the TSU’s annual appreciation dinner.

Here's the congratulatory statement found on the Toronto Catholic District School Board website, "His peers and students recognized Kevin for his dedicated, passionate, and collaborative work to bring together students and staff struggling with issues surrounding homophobia and support for LGBTQ youth. Kevin continues to be instrumental in empowering students in championing the No-Sweat campaign for uniforms both within the TCDSB and provincially."  

It goes on to say this about Mr. Godin, "Leading students to India with Adventure Learning and involvement with the Catholic Leadership Camp at Olympia are just two avenues where Kevin pursues his passion for justice. His energy, flexibility, compassion, patience, sense of humour, gentleness, and service to others provide an example and inspire all who journey with him. We congratulate Kevin for contributing to and promoting a thirst for justice within the Human Rights Committee of TSU, CARFLEO, and the students and staff of the TCDSB." What the description leaves out is that he was one of the course instructors in 2011 for the Foundation in Catholic Education college course, offered by the TCDSB and Niagara University to prepare new teachers for the classroom. Much of the course content was in total contradiction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

OECTA has rejected the Catholic trustees document called Respecting Difference which addresses the issue of bullying and how best to respond to it from a Catholic perspective. The association in a letter to the editor of The Toronto Star newspaper states that its 45,000 members are not in support of the document and that they believe there's a need for gay/straight alliances in all schools. These statements and the union's approach in dealing with bullying is in total contradiction with the teaching of the Catechism.

Now here are the questions that need to be asked: Why is the union recognizing a teacher who  contradicts the teaching of the Church on human sexuality and same-sex attractions? Why does a union call itself Catholic when it defies the Catechism? Parents who enrol their children in  Catholic schools expect a Catholic teacher to be teaching the Catechism and not their version of it or only what they agree with and to discard the rest. We would have a lot more respect for OECTA and for its Catholic teachers who no longer can completely accept the Church's teaching if they had the courage to stop calling themselves Catholic; moreover, the union should remove the word Catholic from the name of the association and accurately refer to themselves to what they are: the Ontario English Teachers' Association. Stop the heresy and the hypocrisy. Let's hope that our bishops act to right this wrong.

Lastly, teachers and union leaders are free to resign if they really believe in the LGBTQ cause and leave those Catholic teachers who are faithful to Church teaching to do their work. For some obvious reason, we believe neither the TCDSB nor the union should expect a flood of resignations coming in any time soon.

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  1. Murdering Islamists are faithful to their warped religion and teachers are faithful to their warped unions.
    If we could only get Catholics and Bishops to be as dedicated to their faith.