Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An election video not afraid to consider the truth

Americans in a couple of months, on November 2, 2012, will vote to choose a president and a new government. As in most elections, in Canada, the United States and the entire West, the Republicans and the Democrats are talking about the usual issues: the economy, unemployment, education, the environment, social security and health care.

However, there are issues which transcend all other concerns, but as you know they are hardly ever mentioned during elections and after them, even if millions of dollars are spent, in campaigns, for conventions, for speech writing, leaders' debates and party advertisements. In Canada, currently most politicians are even afraid to debate the question as to when a human being become a person. We see this, for example, by the negative reaction and objections to the proposed MP Stephen Woodworth's private member's Motion 312 to re-open the discussion on this life issue. We are afraid because most people know that abortion is morally wrong, regardless of the legal fiction we have spun. In this anti-life environment, along comes a video that does talk about what's most important in our lives: family, abortion, marriage, religious liberty and faith.

The video was put together by a  Catholic group who believe that the laity is called to be a witness to their faith. They want American voters to think about who they vote for and what ought to be the meaning of one's vote. It's a good reflective video for all democracies, Canada included.

Everyday For Life Canada hopes you watch this refreshing video as it covers important issues that must be addressed in order to think about and live the truth.

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