Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Equity education may now be promoting polygamy

Take a careful look at the stick figures
The situation at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) in promoting equity and inclusive education has really gone off the moral rails. The board has produced a series of posters to create so-called "Safe and Positive Spaces", but in doing so has it has also possibly crossed the line into promoting the acceptance, along with a dozen different sexual orietations, the practice of polygamy.

Why do we make this claim? Well, one poster has the title words, "Love has no gender" depicted on a red coloured heart. In the background, there are many more coloured hearts with stick figures on the foreground. The various stick figures show a man and a woman together, a woman with a figure in a wheelchair, two women, two men and some of figures showing two men and one woman and two women and one man. Is this not suggesting to students that all these arrangements are fine and this is what the school teaches? Of course it is. This is why the board produced these posters in the first place. So, it would seem if pictures tell a story, then polygamy too is now being normalized. The question must be asked: who is running the school board? This poster campaign is not in the best interest of students or have anything to do with education.

Of course school board officials are now doing a great deal of damage control and saying that they are in no way condoning polygamy, but why is it that we don't believe anything they say anymore when it comes to inclusive and politically correct education?  Why are tax payers paying money to have their children brainwashed and psychologically abused by this moral madness? Somebody should be held accountable for wasting so much public money when the Premier Dalton McGuinty is telling us that cutbacks are necessary to the provincial budget as the province runs a $16,000,000,000 debt.

In another TDSB teacher resource titled Both/And which includes a video, teachers can start lessons telling children that they may not be just boys or girls;  get them to imagine the idea of cross-dressing, and ultimately to think of being not just a boy or girl because this too may be a form of bullying. Yes, that's what that sentence says. Wait a  minute. I thought "equity" education was to end all bullying. This resource makes the claim that to refer to a child as a boy or girl is a from of stereotyping and possibly a prejudice. Please, wake me up and tell me that this is not real. Sadly, this is the deceptive curriculum children are now faced with in public classrooms thanks to equity education and Bill13. Parents need to monitor what is going on and assert their rights before they lose their children to an immoral and dangerous narrative. Do watch the video and don't be mislead by the cute protagonist cartoon character and the music. The message clearly undermines Christian thinking about human sexuality. Remember this visual guide has been approved by the TDSB.

About the posters: my advice to teachers is to have the courage not to display them. You know in your hearts this isn't education. Better yet, return them to the individuals who approved their publication and ask them to pay for the materials themselves, on the grounds they are abusive, demeaning, bullying and confusing to our children. Tax payers shouldn't have to pay to have their children indoctrinated with the political agenda of "gender and pro-trans" activists. Nobody voted for this new "equity" curriculum, least of all the innocent children of Ontario.


  1. The Poster Love Has Know Gender could also read Gender Has No Love. This sort of discussion will only confuse the young children because they are not ready or mature enough for this kind of talk yet.

    It's very obvious that both the poster and cartoon are nothing more than the indoctrination of very young and immpressionable students.

    May a God of love, hope and mercy help these children who are so young from being swayed by this agenda.

    I urge you all to pray at least a Rosary a day for this intention.

  2. Yes, do pray. But please act. Educators and law-makers cannot hear our prayers unless they are backed up with our voices and action. It is clear that all manner of indoctrination has been planned and is now taking place. It's a conformist doctrine of "anything goes" and is tantamount to child abuse. Posing the absurd notion of gender self-determination to young minds and then planting the sugggestion that to question their obvious physicality is a good thing will do nothing but confuse our young people. The TDSB proposes to answer the question that the vast majority of boys and girls have never asked, and why would they?
    The TDSB is actively proselytizing for the LGBTQ and being secretive and clandestine in the process. Their process of approving this type of material without any input from the broader community parents displays their intolerance lack of inclusiveness when it comes to beliefs that don't mirror their own. Indeed why is the taxpayer funding the narrow political agenda of a small minority group, to the exclusion of the majority??

  3. I am a Canadian alarmed by the degredation of the traditional family unit. I have debated many times in the past on the topic of marriage amendment, expressing my point of view that gay marriage is unethical and that it leads to more minority groups demanding their rights to practice their own form of marriage. I have predicted polygamy to be next on the list.
    Those who know their history know well what happens to a society in which we no longer have ethical conduct, a predominant religion and a focus on the family unit.