Thursday, September 20, 2012

Giving the voiceless a voice

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on September 18, 2012, released a Statement on Motion 312. As Catholics, we believe that life begins at conception and ends with natural death. Canadian law presently states that we are not human beings until birth. We know that this is morally wrong, and it's this "legal lie" that allows and pays with tax money for over 100,000 thousand abortions a year in Canada. Motion 312 would at least start the debate on re-defining human life based on ethical and scientific truth. Contact your Member of Parliament and the Prime Minister to tell them to vote yes to Motion 312. We thank MP Stephen Woodworth for having the courage to propose it. Everyday for Life Canada supports Motion 312 and the bishops letter; we post it for our readers:

"Later this month, on September 21, Members of Parliament will continue debate on Motion 312, proposed by Mr. Stephen Woodworth, MP. A few days later, on September 26, they are scheduled to vote on the motion. It calls for the House of Commons to form a special committee which would review a statement in the Criminal Code of Canada that “a child becomes a human being only at the moment of complete birth.” Article 223 (1) of the Code reads: “A child becomes a human being within the meaning of this Act when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother.” The official and complete text of Motion 312 is found on the website of the Parliament of Canada.

"The Catholic Church holds that a human being comes into existence at conception. The lives of human beings are, therefore, sacred at every stage in our existence -- from beginning to natural end. “Blessed is the fruit of your womb,” the Gospel of Luke says in reference to Mary, who was pregnant with child, Our Lord.

"As the House of Commons prepares to debate Motion 312, the Bishops of Canada invite all members of the Parliament of Canada to take into full account the sacredness of the unborn child and each human life. We also encourage Canadian Catholics, and all people of good will, to pray that our legislators be blessed with wisdom and courage to do what is best to protect and further the common good, which is based on respect for the human dignity of all."

+ Richard Smith
Archbishop of Edmonton
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

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  1. I urge Members of Parliament to vote in favour of Motion 312. If this motion passes it would be the first step in giving a voice to the unborn voiceless in Canada. Right now abortion of the unborn is the number one issue facing humanity today.

    If Canada and other countries were to end abortions of the unborn Almighty God would shower all those countries with countless blessings and graces.

    Just look at the numbers. Since Roe versus Wade became law in the United States in 1973 there have been over 50 million abortions in the U.S. alone. In Canada where there is no abortion law over 100 thousand babies are aborted every year.

    It's time our governments put a stop to this senseless slaughter of the innocents which the unborn are. Human life begins at conception. Let us all hope and pray that Motion 312 passes when it is before parliament.

    Remember what Jesus says in scripture, "What you did to the least of my children you did unto me."