Saturday, September 8, 2012

What has happened to parental rights in Ontario?

Parents are the primary educators of their children
Yesterday, September 7, 2012 an Ontario parent filed a lawsuit against the school board that his children attend. Everyday For Life Canada makes its readers aware of the media advisory released to the press. As author of this blog, I want declare that I'm also the chairperson of The Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund. Here's the complete statement:


WHAT: Press conference
WHEN: Monday, September 10 9:00 AM
WHERE: Queens Park, Toronto (in the Media Studio)

1. Lou Iacobelli, Chairperson, The Parental Rights In Education Defense Fund
2. Parent/Applicant in the legal proceedings (to be named at Monday's press conference)
3. Albertos Polizogopoulos, Legal Counsel for the Applicant

WHY: To announce legal proceedings commenced by a beleaguered parent against an Ontario public school board which has continually refused to provide reasonable accommodation for his family’s religious beliefs. The family has also suffered discrimination and been made to feel unwelcome. Staff suggested that he and his children leave the Board and enroll elsewhere in a private school. The parent has repeatedly requested that the elementary school attended by his two children provide him with advance notice of any lessons, exercises or material to be viewed by his children, which may conflict with his spiritual values as a practicing Christian. All his requests over the past year and a half have been denied. He has been informed that, in the name of "equity", his parental rights and Christian beliefs must be denied.

The parent seeks nothing more than to be given advance notice so that he can either withdraw his children before the lesson, or prepare his children in advance for what they may be taught.

About The Parental Rights In Education Defense Fund:

Our legal defense fund was formed after observing that parental rights, notably the right to raise and educate children in a manner consistent with a family’s religious and moral beliefs, were being consistently challenged. The Parental Rights In Education Defense Fund exists to help parents by assisting them in obtaining legal counsel to defend their fundamental, inherent rights as the primary educators of their children.


  1. Ontario and BC must be following the same handbook. We pursued accommodation with every level of government and were repeatedly denied, to the point that the Premier advised us that we should consider homeschooling or independent schools. Apparently, people whose beliefs regarding sexual morality diverge from the state-endorsed belief are not welcome at the celebration of diversity in public schools. Thank you for your efforts to restore freedom and equality in our education system.

  2. This Christophobic trend is true in British Columbia, but it has spread throughout Canada, the United States, the United Nations and the rest of the Western world. Bill 33 passed in Ontario along with Bill 13 cover not just the schools, but the government's legislative reach aims to change independent schools, home schooling and the workplace. The Christian life is under attack no matter how many times you hear the hollow words like "equity", "inclusive" and "diverse". Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Send your kid to private school then. newsflash: Gay people exist, and no matter how religious a family is - you can STILL have gay kids. Would you rather they learn to hate gay people? And become socially awkward and backwards? Fine if you don't agree with gay people - then don't do what gay people do and you should be okay. But being "cool" with the existence of gay people will not send you to hell. Grow up.

  4. Anonymous. They don't even need to learn about guy or straits at school.
    How does any of that information help my child read or write or figure out a measurement.
    Sex should be taught at home. Then I will teach what I want to teach besides there is enough of that information on tv and the internet. Im sure we don't need to teach them that at school.
    If we are going to teach them about sex is it ok to teach them all forms of sex, sex with each other, animals, and objects. Would you be ok with that if it were your kids.
    i Only support that I teach my kids what they need to know not what somebody else thinks they should know about a topic like sex.
    Are we next going to teach them the proper way to roll and smoke a joint, how about how to shoot up without missing your vein.
    We all need to grow a pair and tell , the education system their to teach reading writing and arithmetic, science, art, computers, home ec. would be a good one to bring back since half the kids can sew on a button. And of course the trades. Thats a whole lot to teach why do we have to include sex.