Friday, October 12, 2012

Christian teaching in Ontario is attacked again

Does McGuinty agree with Minister Broten?
Ontario's provincial government's hostility for Christian beliefs and Catholic teaching are now in the open. Their oppressive views towards religious freedom are in the public square: the McGuinty Liberal Party seems to want to eradicate Catholic teaching on life issues. How do we make this conclusion? According to the Minister of Education, Laurel Broten, Catholic schools cannot teach that abortion is morally wrong. In fact, Catholic schools cannot be pro-life because this is misogynistic and against Ontario laws. The minister must be referring to Bills 13 and 33. Christians are discovering every day more of the hidden agenda behind the government's deceptive "equity and inclusive" education.
So the gods of humanism and of political correctness continue to raise and assert their ugly heads. These idols, as the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor pointed out in his insightful book, A Secular Age, are being used to rationalize the ideology that human "progress" is possible only with government policies, science and technology. Secularization has weakened religious influence on society. If the minister's comments are an indication of the government's thinking, then this is proof that they never intended to work with Catholic schools and religious leaders. 

Rather, they pushed on legislation that takes Christian beliefs totally out of education and the public square, with minimal public consultation. How, you may ask? Minister's Broten's remarks are the first indication. Here is one more national example. Just recently we saw how a private member's motion 312 to introduce a national discussion about the beginning of human life was criticized by the majority of  politicians and soundly defeated in the House of Commons. Do you need more evidence? Here it is. Canada has no restrictions on abortion. The traditional family, marriage and human sexuality have all been legally redefined.  Religious beliefs can presently be legally challenged in the courts. And so what Minister Broten is really saying is that God has no place either in our schools and in our public life.
Our government with the help of the unelected provincial and national Human Rights Commissions have now decided that they will be the teaching authority on the issues of morality, marriage, family, sexuality and human love. The Church has no place to be part of the public square. Religious faith and belief are being reduced to private worship and laws have been passed to make sure the faithful leave it there. Many people are too afraid to speak up because these recent laws have created a societal atmosphere of fear. Were we not told all along that the new "equity" legislation was to create safe and welcoming school environments. Has it? You be the judge. Surely, this is not the way to build a better society.

In a LifeSiteNews article, Minister Broten is quoted as saying, “Bill 13 has in it a clear indication of ensuring that our schools are safe, accepting places for all our students.That includes of LGBTQ students. That includes young girls in our school. Bill 13 is about tackling misogyny, taking away a woman’s right to choose could arguably be one of the most misogynistic actions that one could take.” There you have It. Abortion and pro-choice are what schools including Catholic schools should teach. Now the truth is coming out about the real intentions in implementing "equity and inclusive education" and Bill 13.

Minister Broten should resign from her position. She cannot be trusted. If she doesn't resign, the premier should ask for her to step down. But neither of these options is likely to happen. We hope the Christian electorate assesses what is happening and makes sure that the Liberals and their enablers are not re-elected again.

All Christians should be outraged at the remarks made by the Minister of Education. We must let them know what we think. We must also do some soul searching and ask ourselves: how could this anti-Chriatian thinking govern in a province with a Christian majority? An honest answer to this question, will help to shape Ontario's political and Christian future.


  1. Regardless of what the Minister of Education says abortion is morally wrong because it kills the unborn. Just think about the shear numbers of abortions in Canada.

    Over one hundred thousand unborn baby children are killed every year throughout Canada. Over the past thirty years three million unborn baby children have been killed by abortion in Canada.

    Since Roe versus Wade was passed in the United States in 1973 over fifty million unborn baby children have been killed by abortion. Roe in Roe versus Wade has converted to the pro life cause and wants nothing to do with abortion.

    Remember what Jesus said in scripture, What you do for the least of my children you do unto me. End abortion now. Adoption is the only loving option.

  2. As I said in an earlier comment, the hippie culture of the 1960's with all its unconventional sex, sexuality without morality and abortion has gone mainstream. These people grew in the same mentality of lawlessness that started back in the 1960's. Today, many of them the occupy important positions in politics and legislation. That allows them to corrupt the law and reshape it in their own image. As simple as that. Let us expect even worse.