Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dispelling the myths about the new evangelization

One of the main themes for the Year of Faith is the topic and mission of evangelization. In this short video, Ralph Martin from Renewal Ministries does an excellent job of explaining the meaning of the "new" evangelization and the myths and misinterpretations about it after Vatican II. The Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Paul VI titled, Evangelii Nuntiandi is the perfect start to get at truth at what the Church teaches about evangelization. It was issued on Dec. 8, 1975. The document urges the entire Church, the people of God, to proclaim the Gospel to men (people) of our time. And so during the Year of Faith Pope Benedict XVI wants to remind the faithful that it's not just the priests and bishops that have the Christian duty to spread the Catholic faith. The laity too has that important call and responsibility.

According to Martin, after Vatican II too much attention has been paid to the notion that faith enriches people's lives here on earth and makes them happy. This is fine, but in the process we have neglected to deal with the last four things and two of them being heaven and hell. We will let him better explain this to you. Enjoy the video, and we hope the Holy Spirit inspires you to spread the faith.

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