Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The moral fallout of Ontario's bad educational policies: an update

Bad laws have moral consequences
The Liberal Party of Ontario with help from the New Democratic Party, the school boards and the trustees have legally unleashed what can only be described as immoral madness in our schools and the province. For the most part, including our public broadcaster the CBC, the mainstream media have been cheerleading the whole sad affair. Surely, the latest news should have proven to any sane person that the entire sordid mess has gone way too far.

Just consider the events that have unravelled these past weeks. At the Toronto District School Board a poster campaign was released with the title, "Love has no gender" containing images which could be promoting polygamy. But that wasn't bad enough. The board also posted eleven links on their website. Among them was sexual information that has been called pornographic. After a number of  complaints, the board offered a lame explanation through their spokesman Robert Byrd.  He said that the linked websites were necessary because they provided resources not found in the school curriculum. However, Byrd chose to overlook the fact that most parents don't want their children to be talking about polygamy and possibly visiting porn sites, all in the name of sexual education which deceptively aims to provide "safe and accepting spaces." The criticism forced the board to remove the links. Regrettably the poster campaign continues.
Aren't we currently seeing the consequences of allowing a government to pass bad educational policies followed by bad laws? The moral dam burst years ago and now its trickle-down effects are being felt by everyone.

A short review of the main developments will help us see how we got to the sad state we are now experiencing. Do you recall how Dalton McGuinty's government had to back down, in early 2010, from their revised curriculum document of 208 pages about sexual education? The premier and the bureaucrats at the Ministry of Education, kept telling Ontario's parents that their children needed explicit sexual information from reliable sources. What they didn't tell parents was that the schools, the place that most parents and students trust, were going to be used for sexual propaganda and indoctrination purposes. The truth: students would be taught, through the school curriculum and other resources that homosexuality must be normalized and the "prejudice" of heterosexuality recognized and removed.

However, it wasn't described so clearly. Positive sounding words were spun out to hide the truth. A language was invented to deceive, to advance and mask the sexual agenda. For example, students as early as Grade 3 had to learn the "invisible differences" among individuals when it comes to gender identity, sexual orientation and family structure. By the time parents and teachers figured out the empty meaning of "invisible differences", the students would already have been introduced to and talking about numerous sexual orientations. In Grade 1, the children were to be taught the proper names of body parts. In Grades 6 and 7,  children were to cover such things as "anal intercourse" and "vaginal lubrication." Parents considered this totally inappropriate and the government pretended to withdraw the curriculum. They said one thing publicly, but did the opposite privately.

To quell the outcry, the Ministry of Education did remove the proposed sex-ed curriculum from its web site so we cannot provide a link to it. After this, however, a new political campaign was hatched and the whole curriculum was brought back under the name of eradicating school bullying and creating safe schools. If you tell parents that you're going to over-sexualize their children and indoctrinate them about the need to normalize all sexual orientations, they will object. Instead, you tell parents and students that the government plans to make schools bully free and safe and welcoming places. At the same time the plan is to avoid transparency at all costs as to the real objectives, on the advice of gay activists. And like magic almost everybody is on your side. What has changed you notice is the narrative's attractive sounding language, but nothing about the actual goal. How can anybody be against bullying and safe schools!

So the government never changed the curriculum, it merely changed the process of implementation and the language to describe it, in order to disguise it. The emperor still has no clothes no matter what words you use to dress him up. In place of the sex-ed curriculum, the Minister of Education then began talking about the need for Ontario schools to adopt the "Equity and Inclusive and Education Strategy". The need to fight school bullying was turned into a crisis in need of a solution. The entire educational system in this province fell like a house of cards. Both public and separate boards, the trustees and the teachers' unions were all too eager to please the piper. To help this happen, schools were given the misguided and unnecessary multi-billion dollar program, all-day kindergarten. The government now had plenty of fans and so they made the policy legally binding with Bill 13 and finally Bill 33.

However, there are real moral consequences to bad laws and to bad actions even when they are hidden. We now have the proof of this with approved school activities and suggested curriculum resources that nobody in his right mind would have thought possible even just a few years ago. Would parents have believed that a school board would provide students with a website link showing them how to use vegetables to sexually stimulate themselves? Do you know that some board guidelines allow staff and students to use whatever washroom they feel they identify with in terms of gender? Who is going to monitor this moral madness? Are you aware of board curriculum that introduces children to cross-dressing and to question their "assumption" as to whether they really are a boy or a girl? Our Minister of Education, Laurel Broten has gone so far as to say that Catholic teaching in Catholic schools on abortion is wrong and misogynistic. And yet, all of this is actually happening in the false name of education. If this is confusing to adults, it must be much more confusing to children, as well as psychologically and morally abusive.

Parents must ask themselves why, over the years, has the government been so reluctant to make these radical schools changes more widely known to the public? During the last provincial election, these bad laws they intended to pass were never mentioned. We can only assume that both our government and our school boards never wanted parents to know the truth. If this is the case, neither our government nor our schools can be fully trusted with educating children. And if anybody had any doubts, surely they were dispelled with what has been lately introduced in schools as part of the "equity" sexual curriculum. If as parents we are honest with ourselves we ought to also ask: Why have we allowed the state of our children's education to get so bad? And where have we been?

So what can parents do? Yes, do speak up and let politicians and school officials know you disagree. But above all talk to your children, if they are old enough to understand, and explain to them what is wrong with what is taking place. It's more important than ever to ask the children what they are learning in school. Your best defense is to have a plan especially for the early elementary years. Be prepared to direct and protect the moral education of your children. Parents must not be afraid to live the faith and share it with the family. Parents are their children's educational ombudsman because those elected to do so have totally abandoned their moral responsibilities. Finally, we need to remember that there's no higher calling than to save souls, especially those of children.

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  1. Lou this is all a diabolical disorientation going on in our society. Sister Lucia of Fatima predicated that their would be diabolical disorientation in the future.

    Remember we are not fighting principalities of the flesh but of spirit world. That's why we must step up our prayers especially praying the rosaries which are so powerful in our prayer arsenol.

    Pray, Pray, Pray I say to you all for the Son of Man will come like a thief in the night the day and hour not even the Son or his Angels know only God the Father knows the time of the Coming of the Son of Man Our Lord Jesus Christ True Lord God and Saviour.