Saturday, January 11, 2014

Toronto Public Health sex resources are harmful to children

Sex education is now sex indoctrination
The Toronto Public Health website contains many explicit sex education resources for teachers. The strategy is to convince the teachers to use them and thus you reach the children. The rationale for the materials is to support schools in implementing Ontario's Sexual Health Curriculum. The site provides teacher lesson plans for Grades 5 and 6, Grades 7 and 8 and for Grades 9 to 12. For younger students, in Grades 4 to 6, teachers can use training videos that have been developed to help them cover the content. It's all part on what the Public Health calls "Sexual Health Resources for Teachers." 

The one big problem with all this sex education is that it's not education. Parents already told the Ontario government they didn't want this over-sexaulized curriculum 2010. Why? Because these resources contain dangerous ideas to indoctrinate children about sexual activities and about having sex at an earlier age. The resources should come with a warning: use at your own risk.

The sex education that young people are receiving today has little to do with heath and preventing the spread of sexually transmitted disease. Instead of helping students live healthy lives, the resources actually spread very radical and life threatening ideas. The Toronto Public Health sex education materials are very similar to guidelines developed by such organizations as Planned Parenthood, the World Health Organization, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) and Advocates for Youth (AFY). These groups want to expose young people to sexual messages that are biased, inaccurate and even harmful to healthy living. This is the frightening thesis of You’re Teaching My Child What: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child  by Miriam Grossman. We recommend that every parent read this very informative and shocking book.
Let's now examine some of the teacher resources prepared by the Toronto Public Health and parents can judge for themselves as to their appropriateness. In Grades 5 and 6, students are told about properly cleaning an uncircumcised penis, as well as information on orgasms, "wet" or "damp' dreams" and masturbation. Children are taught about the anatomy of the vulva, tampons and pads. Boys are introduced to the idea of penis size and its looks. There's even a video for children in Grades 4 to 6 and it features a nursing instructor explaining and comparing penises. The Toronto Public Health seems to have taken a page from PEI's recently released and very explicit publication, Children's Sexual Behaviours: A Parent's Guide.

There's so much more. About masturbation, Grades 5 and 6 students are told that it's something that people may choose to do. There's no harm here because "Self-pleasuring is a personal choice and it is done in private. It is not harmful; it is common and it is one way of learning about the body." In a video, young girls are told how to masturbate and in a Grade 7 quiz question students find out that even "babies touch their genitals. Children do too. They do it because it feels good, but eventually learn not to do it in public." All this misguided information has little to with sex education and much to do with lowering the children's level of resistance to "sexual" activities and thus exploit them. Parents beware: there's a global sexual attack on children that is happening not just in Canada but the United States, the European Union and the United Nations.

The resources go on to cover such things as "blow jobs" and "oral sex." Students are asked to think about questions one needs to consider before having a baby. Children are told about becoming parents by "parenting a partner's children." You can forget the words mother, father and traditional family. Children are instructed that a person can become a parent through "assisted reproductive technologies" and "surrogacy." To know about what sex feels like children in Grades 5 and 6 are told that there are three kinds of sex: anal, vaginal and oral. Yes, that's what they will taught with no distinction among them because "if two people feel ready... sex can be terrific for them." There's no mention of the consequences and dangers of having sex. Our view is that children don't need to be told all this radical sexual information unless there's an agenda being pushed here. And we believe there is.

The Grade 8 quiz covers oral sex since, according to those who developed the resource, this is what most teenagers engage in rather than intercourse. Oral sex students are told is connected to a wet kiss, touching, masturbation and vaginal sex. Students are given information about using "sexual health clinics" where they can obtain free condoms, birth control prescriptions and Plan B (the morning after emergency contraceptive pill) at a lower cost. This students are told is all "very safe." In addition, students are instructed that their parents need not be informed if they choose to get a prescription for birth control. In the Grade 7 quiz, students are instructed to avoid "higher risk activities" in order to protect themselves from getting STIs, but if they choose to engage in those sexual practices they can use a condom for protection. Students are shown how to use a condom. Why not teach students about chastity and responsibility?

On the issue of abortion, the Grades 4 to 6 videos do tell students that this a "moral" question, but the decision to have an abortion must be based on "the facts." Abortion ultimately is a choice that a woman makes with the help of a doctor. Abortion is safe with few health risks. In short, it's up to the individual to make the decision. If a pregnant young girl thinks it's okay to kill a child in her womb, the Toronto Public Health is there to help her do that.  And if a student chooses to have an abortion, parents don't need to know. So, students aren't being given all the facts. And since parents are the first educators of their children they should be properly informed. 

Here's a sample of one of the teaching videos:

If students or parents object to any of this sexual moral relativism, teachers are instructed to remind those who disagree that "abortion is legal, safe and covered by OHIP (Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan)." Furthermore, "This class is not a forum for debating whether the law should be changed, but an opportunity for students to get the information they need." What has happened to the idea of educating the child to possibly question a bad law or find new and better ways of doing things? We leave it to the reader to see just how many lies are embedded in all this thinking. We will point to the biggest lie that "abortion is safe" when we know that a baby is intentionally killed each time.

In Grades 5 and 6, cartoon baby characters are used to tell students that genitalia alone cannot be used to determine "gender." The instructor goes on to explain transgenderism and that some people feel they are in the wrong body. This is an introduction to gender theory and dozens of possible and fluid sexual orientations. It's all "normal" to try out a different "gender." In addition, students are told that the majority of scientists believe that people are born gay. Parents should note that this is not factual information. All this sexualization is a distorted view of childhood and society. This is why these resources are potentially dangerous to our children.

Children in our contemporary society are already too sexualized through movies, clothing styles, music, music videos, magazines, advertisements, television and the Internet. We don't need the Toronto Public Health and schools to add to the sexualization, indoctrination, psychological and moral abuse of children. It's not the mandate of the Toronto Public Health to sell sex to children. Let the children develop at their own natural pace both physically and psychologically. What has happened to the idea of letting children be children?

The Toronto Public Health while calling these school resources sex education is actually further promoting the acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, same-sex marriage and harmful sexual behaviours without offering students any true alternative or a moral context. Parents didn't give them permission to spread this sexual propaganda to their children. This is not sex education, but indoctrination and "legalized" immorality. Responsible and caring teachers should refuse to teach or refer pupils to these misguided and biased materials. Parents should let the Toronto Public Health know that their children are not to be used as sexual guinea pigs. Ask your city councilor for an explanation and make them accountable. Make sure this sexual propaganda doesn't make it to your child's classroom. This kind of sexual indoctrination will not stop until people become involved in the political process and demand that it come to an end. It's a complete waste of taxpayers' money.

Lastly we can best counter the sexualization of children with what these resources fail to mention: family life and our faith. Our young people need to hear that they are of value simply because of who they are and this God given worth can never be reduced to mere sexuality or body parts. Children are always subjects and not objects. Sex must always be considered in the context of love and responsibility. It's not about mere feelings and pleasure regardless of what the Toronto Public Health says. Children need to know that being loved and liked should never depend on one's genitals or the number and kind of sexual encounters. Children are human beings innately worthy of respect, love and dignity.


  1. My compliments for a very thorough and well written post. There is one sentence in your post that I feel captures the overall thrust of this so called "Public Health Sex Resources," located in the second last paragraph, "...This is not sex education, but indoctrination and "legalized" immorality..." For those of us who are informed in our Catholic faith and are living it, just reading the details of these "resources," and watching the video, we understand immediately that there is an agenda here that is contrary to Catholic teaching. These "resources" are completely unacceptable and violate the respect that is proper to the dignity of the human person.

    The reality of such "resources" would normally be met with outrage, but unfortunately so many Catholics do not understand sexual ethics. If I may suggest, anyone interested in the truth about sexual ethics should read Fr. Karol Wojtyla's (Pope John Paul II's) book entitled, "Love and Responsibility." It would an "eye opener" and enlighten anyone who is serious about understanding the subject matter. Here is a link to a pdf introducing "Love and Responsibility,"

    Again, my compliments to you Lou for your diligent and concerted effort to make the truth known and expose those who clearly have an agenda to introduce and establish value systems and beliefs that only belong to those who have no respect for God!

    I will pray to Our Lady Queen of Peace, for your continued blogging efforts, those who visit your blog and those who in the world who remain in darkness and the shadow of death.


  2. Hi Dom,
    I hope that your incisive comment is an inspiration to parents and other readers to realize that innocent children need our help and prayers to protect them from this moral corruption. Thank you for your prayers and for sharing your thoughts. May God bless you!